Saturday, October 1, 2011

Feature of the Day *Unforgettable Moments*

Feature of the Day
*Unforgettable Moments*

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Unforgettable Moments wants to share with you, her kit Brave Little Patient.

You can purchase Brave Little Patient in her shop!
Unforgettable Moments Shop
Check out these amazing Layouts showcasing Brave Little Patient

This season of Scrapping Survivor we are stuck up in Grandma's Attic! If YOU were stuck up in Grandma's attic what 3 material objects would you miss the most?
Here is what she had to say.......
"I would probably go a little crazy up there without my coffee & favorite creamer so I'd definitely miss that.  I'd also really miss my camera.  I'm sure Grandma has some real treasures up there that would make some great macro shots, and it would be so sad to see such things without my camera close by.  The third thing I'd miss goes beyond "missing," I definitely wouldn't survive very long without my computer.  Does Grandma get WiFi at her place?"

The winner of Scrapping Survivor will receive a $30 coupon in *Unforgettable Moments* shop!

And again, we all want to give you a BIG thank you for being a Scrapping Survivor - Season 3 - Sponsor!!

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  1. Thanks for being a sponsor Amy, and double thanks for such an amazing prize for the winner!