Monday, October 3, 2011

Feature of the Day *Meagan's Creations*

Feature of the Day
*Meagan's Creations*

Meagan's Creations Blog

Meagan's Creations wants to share with you, her kit Brought to You by the Letter A.

You can purchase Brought to You by the Letter A in her shop!
Meagan's Creations Shop
Check out these amazing Layouts showcasing Brought to You by the Letter A

This season of Scrapping Survivor we are stuck up in Grandma's Attic! If YOU were stuck up in Grandma's attic what 3 material objects would you miss the most?
Here is what she had to say.......
"If I was stuck in Grandma's Attic I would first of all miss a box of tissues because I would be sneezing my head off! (I've got the sniffles as a I type this so that must be why that is the first thing to come to my mind!). I would also most definitely miss my faithful companion, my computer. It's almost an additional appendage to my body, I'm on it so much! Then, of course, a Hershey's Almond chocolate bar would have been a nice comfort during my stay in the dusty attic!"

The winner of Scrapping Survivor will receive a $15 coupon in *Meagan's Creations* shop!

And again, we all want to give you a BIG thank you for being a Scrapping Survivor - Season 3 - Sponsor!!

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