Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 2- Tasty Traditions *The Challenge*

Week 2- Tasty Traditions *The Challenge*

Over the last few days you have been forced to be very creative! Bags of old clothes made a perfect bed and several of Grandmas old quilts have kept you cozy and warm. You found a small window that opened with a hand crank, not big enough to escape, but the flow of fresh air has been a blessing.
In a corner farthest from your bed, you made a bathroom using an old empty 5 gallon paint bucket and you threw moth balls in, to provide some absorption.
Thank goodness Grandma kept cases of bottled water and a surplus of tissue boxes!
With your makeshift bed, bathroom, and the reminder of your food... this time stuck in the attic has not been all that bad.
You have only gone through a very small amount of boxes, and it has been heartwarming to see all the precious memories your Grandma preserved and kept safe.
Although one box in particular did cause you a bit of torture...... Grandmas box of recipe cards! A large wooden box with a hinged lid, on the underside of the lid burned in is the distinct writing of your grandfather. "To my lovely wife" and dated 1978. You spent hours looking at the recipe cards. Dreaming of Creamy Tortellini with Peas, Roast Pork and Vegetables, Going to Church Chicken, Lemon Parsley Pork Chops, ohhhh and Pecan Pie, Snickerdoodles, Peach Cobbler, and of course Grandmas Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Hmmmm maybe there is some food hidden in here somewhere??


For you Week 2 Challenge, Make a Layout based on your Favorite Recipe. Your Layout MUST include a photo of your finished recipe. If you don't have a photo of your favorite completed recipe... then you better go shopping, make your recipe... and take some photos! Your Layout must also include a Recipe Card with the full Recipe on the card.

The Layout Rules-

  • The LO must have at least one photo of your favorite recipe (a photo of the actual food)
  • You can not use a photo from a cookbook or online. It MUST be a photo you or a friend of family member has take. A photo from your personal collection.
  • The LO must have a Recipe Card *With the full recipe written/typed on the card*
  • Your LO can have additional photos BUT the Recipe must be the focal point
  • The Recipe Card must be fully visible, although a bit of overlapping is allowed.
  • In your description box in the gallery, you MUST type out the complete recipe.
  • Remember NO TEMPLATES in this challenge.
Deadline and Where To Post Your Layout

  • Deadline for LO to be posted is Sunday Sep 25th - 11:59 PM Pacific Time. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • MUST be posted in the Season 3 *Grandma's Attic* Gallery Challenge Week 2
  • AND
  • MUST post in tribal council Week 2 in the forum LINK HERE
  • LO must follow guidelines of the Tasty Traditions challenge.
  • You can use any scrapping goodies you would like- you do not have to use GingerScraps products.
  • NO templates allowed.
In Tribal Council- this is not the place for chit chat or questions
(it is serious business in here)....Post your LO - Your post MUST also include a link to your LO in the gallery.

Leaving love in the gallery is a great way to show support for your fellow competitors please do so in the Season 3 - Grandma's Attic Gallery

Chit Chat and trash talk is a fun part of this game.... make alliances, bribe your host ;) have FUN!! The area to do this all is Here- Survivor-Season 3- Sign ups and Chit Chat!! Feel free to start threads, and chat about whatever you would like to chat about :) One of the great things about this game is the chance to make some lasting friendships!

Any questions you may have- Please ask them here- Week 2- Tasty Traditions *Questions*

I can not wait to see your Tasty Layouts!!!

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