Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 1- Aging Gracefully *The Challenge*

Week 1- Aging Gracefully *The Challenge*

Inspired by all the wonderful old photographs in Grandma's Attic you decide to take some of your current new photos and using your favorite photo editing program, age your photos. Use any methods you would like to give your photos that beautiful aged look.

The Layout Rules-
  • The LO must have at least one "Aged" Photograph.
  • The "Aged" Photograph must be shown twice on the LO, the original and the aged version.
  • Your LO can have additional photos BUT the "Aged" Photograph MUST be the largest and the focal point of the LO.
  • Remember NO TEMPLATES in this challenge.
Deadline and Where To Post Your Layout
  • Deadline for LO to be posted is Sunday Sep 18th - 11:59 PM Pacific Time. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • MUST be posted in the Season 3 *Grandma's Attic* Gallery Challenge Week 1
  • AND
  • MUST post in tribal council Week 1 in the forum HERE
  • LO must follow guidelines of the Aging Gracefully challenge.
You can use any scrapping goodies you would like- you do not have to use GingerScraps products.

NO templates allowed.
In Tribal Council- this is not the place for chit chat or questions(it is serious business in here)..Post your LO - Your post MUST also include a link to your LO in the gallery.

Leaving love in the gallery is a great way to show support for your fellow competitors please do so in the Season 3 - Grandma's Attic Gallery.

Chit Chat and trash talk is a fun part of this game.... make alliances, bribe your host ;) have FUN!! The area to do this all is Here- Survivor-Season 3- Sign ups and Chit Chat!! Feel free to start threads, and chat about whatever you would like to chat about :) One of the great things about this game is the chance to make some lasting friendships!

Any questions you may have- Please ask them here- Week 1- Aging Gracefully *Questions*

Let the fun begin!! I can not wait to see your Layouts!!!

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