Official **WELCOME!** To GingerScraps Scrapping Survivor- Season 3

The time has come, your totally caught up on all your current photos. You sit down at your computer and open your email, Ohh GingerScraps Fresh Baked Newsletter, packed full of wonderful goodies. And then you see it!! The kit that sparks your interest, and just what you need to scrap all your old treasured family photos! Grandma's Attic by Pretty in Green. It couldn't be more perfect! A flood of wonderful memories wash over you, quickly you purchase the kit begin to download. Lucky for you your Grandma lives right next door, and you know that you can quickly run over and get a box of photos to start scanning in while the bundle of goodies continues to download.
You grab a canvas shopping bag and fill it up with some fresh fruits and veggies you just picked from your garden, and a loaf of banana bread you baked for Granny this morning. One last look at the computer, to make sure zips are downloading, and out the door you go.
You knock on Grandma's door but she doesn't answer, maybe she is napping? She won't mind if you come in and go get some photos from the attic. You undo the safety latch and pull down the attic ladder, walk half way up the steps and fish around for the hanging light cord. The light illuminates the huge attic, packed full in seemingly organized piles of old memories. It only takes a few minutes and you spot the wooden cedar lined chest that you know Grandma stores her most precious memories in.
You make a bee mine for the chest, anxious to find the photos within and get back home to your computer. You climb all the way up the ladder and are surprised how spacious the attic is, you can stand up straight and still have head room above you. You take a look around and wonder, what is all this stuff?? But that is for another day, you know exactly what you want today.
You carefully walk over to the wooden chest, making sure not to step on any trinkets or treasures along the way. Once you get to the wooden chest, you set your canvas shopping bad down, you sit down on the attic floor, and lift the lid off the old antique chest. Little packages of old photographs are tied together with ribbons. You carefully untie one package of photographs, you are totally lost in memories and.... SLAM. What was that??!!
Your heart is racing and you look around to try to figure out what that terrible sound was, then you see it..... the attic ladder.... folded up.... and the door closed!
You hurry over to the only exit, and try to open it. But it is no use, the safety latch must have automatically latched when the door slammed shut. Sigh, this might take a while!
You resign to the fact that your are.... Trapped in *Grandma's Attic*.

You will be forced to adapt to extreme situations, battling teams of dust bunnies, and overcoming the smell of mothballs.
Only the strong will survive to claim the grand prize consisting of over $900 worth of fantastic goodies, offered a spot on the GingerScraps Creative Team, and of course the Biggest Prize of them all..... the coveted title as the Season 3's *Grandma's Attic* Sole Scrapping Survivor!

Are you ready to Outlast, Outcrop, Outscrap in our third season of Survivor?

Let the games begin.
This is Scrapping SURVIVOR!!

Grandma's Attic Bundle