Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daily Feature- Pretty In Green

Feature of the Day
*Pretty In Green*

Rachel is the lovely lady behind Pretty In Green. She is an Exclusive GingerScraps Designer,
And she was the Winner of Season 2 Scrapping Survivor!!
I started planning Survivor Season 3 months and months ago, I came up with the idea for Grandma's Attic ... and then begged Rachel to make the official kit for the season.
She of course knocked it out of the park!!
Here is it - Grandma's Attic

You can purchase Grandma's Attic at the Pretty In Green shop!
Grandma's Attic

Check out these amazing Layouts showcasing Grandma's Attic

Each year I like to ask our sponsors a fun little question.....
This season of Scrapping Survivor we are stuck up in Grandma's Attic! If YOU were stuck up in Grandma's attic what 3 material objects would you miss the most?
Here is what Rachel had to say.......

"3 things: my laptop of course with internet lol, I’m sure I’d get hungry up there so I’d miss having pizza. And my down blanket to snuggle up with on the hard floor, LOL. I think I’d be set if I had those three things anywhere, well I might get thirsty too but I guess I’ll cross that bride when I get there LOL."

And again, we all want to give you a BIG thank you for being a Scrapping Survivor - Season 3 - Sponsor!!

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